Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ecovillage of the season : the community of Sachawasi (Bolivia)

Thanks to our partner, the Non-Profit Organization ekidina (visit or here ), we got a nice review about the ecovillage of Sachawasi. 

Sachawasi is a permaculture community located in the county of Franz Tamayo, in the Qeshwa village of Santa Cruz del Valle Ameno in Bolivia. It is founded in 2008 by Bruno, a french farmer.

The two main ideas of the foundation are agriculture preservation and protection of biodiversity. They develop different projects through workshops which are open to public: permaculture, local food agriculture, setting agro-ecosystems. The project, spread on 5 hectares, has a budget of US$180.300 (1)

(1) De Roissart, Bruno (2013): Sachawasi (la maison des arbres); Centre Communautaire de Permaculture Andine-Amazonienne.

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